Different Types of Opponents You Deal with in Poker

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Poker is a game where you can come across different personalities of the players. The game is easy to learn and simple to play. The core objective of the game is that you have to make the best possible 5-card hand combination using the two private cars and 5 community cards. Moreover, to win more hands, you need to have good observation skills. You should be able to read your opponents on the table so that you can plan your game moves accordingly. In a skill game like poker, players must be flexible enough to change their playing style as per the opponents on the table. Following are the different types of opponents that you may face while playing online poker:

  • The Calling Station


No matter what the hand is, such players will always try to call or raise. A Calling Station wouldn’t know when to fold. Even if the player has a weak hand at the flop, this type of player won’t fold. This playing style lets other players off the hook and forces them to bid low but this can also leave the player break-even or worse.


  • Noob/Newbie


Most people get confused between a Noob and a Newbie, and think them to be the same type of players, which isn’t true. A noob is someone who is playing for a while but isn’t looking to better his/her skills or learn something new about the way Poker should be played. Newbie, on the other hand, is someone who is fresh to the game and is excited just to sit at the table. A newbie will try to learn new things but will struggle due to his naivety.


  • Rock


Rock is the easiest player to play with in the game of poker. These players are unwilling to raise – they just don’t want to take risks in a game which is all about calculated risks. They usually play premium hands. So, when you see a rock raising at the flop, just gulp down your ego and fold – there are higher chances that he/she has a pair of Aces or Kings.


  • Maniac


One of the most dangerous players to play against is a Maniac. Such a player is very aggressive and will not bend or break. He will raise and then re-raise, regardless of what he’s holding. It may look like it is easy to play against one such player as he’ll raise to every bet and if you are holding a good hand, you can make profit out of money invested by maniac in the game. Moreover, these players are casual players who play poker for fun. As their attitude makes the game shaky, so you should follow the game rules and correct strategies while playing online poker.


  • Complain-a-Lot


As the name suggests, he/she is the one who always complain. He/she will find a way to even sulk about two Aces as his first two cards, and will focus more on the moaning aspect of his game rather than the cards on the table. The seating is not right, the drinks are not cold enough, the cards are not shuffled right; he will find a reason to complain on no matter what.


  • Coffee Houser


What can be more worse than a complainer? A Coffee Houser – this type of player will put everyone on the table off their game. He/she is like a scammer but there’s a difference between a scammer and a negative conspirator. Even if he has the best hand, he will pass comments like ‘not again’ or ‘let us gamble a bit here’ to intimidate his opponents on the table. Bluffing is an integral part of Poker, but you can’t be vocal about it.


  • Shark


In live poker rooms, if you see people talking about a shark on a table, don’t sit on that table. Sharks are the best players you will ever come across on a poker table. They are poker pros who are good at all the tactics, aspects and tricks of the game. Such players force the opponents to bet as much money as possible even if they are holding a medium strength hand by making them believe that they have the best hand.

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