Small Mistakes vs. Big Mistakes in Poker Games

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Every poker player is aware that the number of mistakes one make at the table somehow affects their game. But what they do not know is those poker mistakes and how these mistakes are bringing down their winning rate in the game. The difference between lucky players and pros are basically these mistakes – because the professional poker players tend to make fewer mistakes.

Poker is a game that involves both luck and skill. Average and bad players will only come out on top if they are playing on short-term but if the game continues for a long time, the better players will always win, no matter what. Though luck is involved in Poker, but that clause is overtaken by the accumulation of mistakes by the players.

Making mistakes at the poker table doesn’t necessarily mean that you will lose that specific round, it rather means that you have overflowing leaks in your game and will take down your ship sooner rather than later.

Bloating the Pot in One Go – Small Mistake

The worst mistake that any amateur poker players do is thinking of the pot frequencies and getting over-excited about their hand. For example, if you hit four-of-a-kind on the flop, you are absolutely certain that you have that hand wrapped up.

Is betting excessively a mistake?

Yes, certainly, it is. Your opponents can also see a pair at the flop and you betting your heart out will make them fold. And, you do not want that, especially when there are only 2 chances in 5000 of getting quads. The best thing to do in such a situation is to slow-play your hand and make your opponents bet as much as they can. Thus, overcome the habit of overplaying a certain hand.

Big Mistake – Playing Every Hand and Not Folding

One of the biggest mistakes in poker is playing every possible hand or playing all the hands. If you are among such players who play every hand, then it’s time to change your game play. Playing every hand will not increase your chance of winning; moreover, it will bring down your winning rate drastically. Further, calling re-raises is another big mistake that needs to be kept in check if you planning to stick at the table for longer period of time. Suppose you are playing every hand and betting a certain amount on hands that you are not likely to win – it means you are practically throwing money away donating in kind to your opponents. Hence, choose your stating hands wisely and be flexible in your game approach.

Small Mistake – Not Valuing Your Hands and Depending on Small Pocket Pairs

If you are not respecting your own strong hand and have doubts, no one will take you seriously and will not check raise you at the river. Whenever you are holding a strong hand, make sure you value bet at the river – making your opponents leave their chips on the table to see your cards. Furthermore, you should not rely too much on small pocket pairs. Small pairs might help you win a couple of hands but in the long run, these hands need to be approached with caution. For instance, playing small pairs from an early position can prove unfavorable, and such a hand should be folded.

Every mistake, big or small, ultimately affects your online poker game and win rate. Some mistakes do not matter much but that doesn’t mean you should not try to fill that leak in your game. Filling these leaks in your game will only make you a better poker player.

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