Top 5 Video Poker Games

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Video poker games are a convenient form of gambling as the transparency of the game’s odds is better than the conventional mode. On one hand,  these games are simple to understand and easy to play, and challenging and addictive on the other hand. These games replicate and stimulate real poker action, and are easily available to download. So, here are a few video poker games with the best features for you to play :


Deuces Wild:

This game is quite a hit with players, and it uses a typical desk of 52 cards. As the name suggests, the deuces are wild and are usually substituted for other cards in the deck to assemble winner hands. It’s always easier to win when deuces are wild, so this is a game which is less challenging compared to other games.


Double Double Bonus:

This is an altered version of Jacks or Better. In this game, you will be able to utilize premiums for hands which have four of a kind. This game offers a mammoth a payout compared to other video poker games. You can be eligible for a payout at one hundred and sixty to one if you have a four of a kind, with twos and fours as well as an ace via 4-kicker. The other games typically offer forty to one, so it’s a whopping payout!


Double Jackpot Poker:

Multi-hand double jackpot poker is exactly the game you’re looking for if you want multiple chances to hit a jackpot. This is one great game which is a spectacular combination of traditional poker action and slot machine action. If you are dealt Jacks or higher when you receive your five cards, you will be eligible for a payout based on the paytable. In this game, as you play multiple hands at one time, it boosts your odds of hitting jackpots.


Deuces Wild 4 Line:

This game is super exciting because every two card is a wild card. This means that you can substitute your twos in order to make winning hands. This game further provides you four chances to win every single time that you play. This game’s graphics are amazing and the interface is also very responsive.


Marilyn’s Poker II:

This game is a marvelous homage to Marilyn Monroe, and if you’re a fan, then get ready for some exciting fun. You will enjoy admiring Marilyn as you play the game. Moreover, the game also offers a range of progressive bonuses. This game is free to play and the usual card combinations play out well in this game.

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